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Capturing the best moments at every event!

Built From Scratch Studios aims to capture the energy and the spirit of the events being filmed. It is the hope that when the videos are watched, the feeling of the moment can be felt. 



This has led to Built From Scratch Studios travelling all around the world in pursuit of exciting and engaging content, as well as helping businesses and organizations create their own. 



This highlight is from Fresh Start Women's Foundation's 2018 Retreat. Built From Scratch Studios was asked to come and capture the event.

Promotional Videos

Videos showing off your product and services have never been more important, or attainable. 


Built From Scratch Studios in association with Wil Christ Productions helped a local Phoenix Arizona dance company create a captivating video that highlighted their skills and talents, while not impacting their budget. 

This small investment was quickly seen in the response and interest which was generated through social media and online channels. 

Dane Clark's Dream Stealing Town: The Case Study

In 2012, Wil Christ Productions approached Built From Scratch Studios to help envision their next project... A music video for famed multi-instrumentalist Dane Clark! Built From Scratch Studios was hired to storyboard and consult on the production and editing.



The project was a success winning multiple awards. 

In an effort to document the experience Built From Scratch Studios was asked to re-edit the version with new music, bringing with it a new look and feel. 

This endeavor proved to be complex and ultimately an interesting exploration into how versatile the visual medium of film and editing can be, and how subtle changes can make big differences. 

Original Video



"Art Cut"

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