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What is it about making something from scratch? 


Creating a single project from start to finish, relying on nothing but creativity, persistence, and ingenuity is one of the most rewarding things there is. Think about it, would you rather be going through another drive-thru window, or would you rather have something truly exceptional. Built From Scratch Studios builds campaigns, and strategies for your business that are tailored to you, your market, and your competition. It's our goal to make everything as easy as possible for you while creating a brand that is a true force to be reckoned with. 


What is Built From Scratch Studios? 


Built from Scratch Studios is the culmination of many different Visual Arts, (Illustration, Design, Photography, Videography, Writing and much more,) creatively coming together into one convenient shop.  Building one of a kind material that is both striking and thought provoking. 


Mmmmkay, so you do what? 


Glad you asked, Built From Scratch Studios builds its creations in many different fields, here are just a few ways we can help you. 


Graphic Designs:

Q: I'm forming a business but don't know where to start... Logo... Flyer... Website... WHERE?!?!


A: No worries at all Built From Scratch Studios is here to help you figure out your plan of attack. From eloquently crafted concert posters, to eye catching promotional material and advertisements we're here to help direct you to the importance of each. We create full-branding packages from Logo development to website development we got you covered. 



Q: How do you make your Illustrations? 


A: Carefully constructed pieces, whether for accompaniment to a story, cards, or any other collection; often hand drawn and painted. There is always some use of computer graphics to cleanup and finalize a design, however the brunt of the creation process is made through tradtional methods. If contracting Illustrations inquire about how to secure your originals for that extra special touch of authenticity. 


Print design:

Q: What do you work on in terms of printed material? Do you print in house? 


A: Newsletters, fliers, ads, brochures, business cards, and anything else you may need, Built From Scratch Studios has crafted it and printed it! One of the most important things in life is to know your strengths, and currently Built From Scratch Studios does not have a commercial grade printer, so though we design and work with the printers, we do not print the material in-house, but work with a myriad of different services and printers to ensure you get a high quality piece. 


Advertising & Campaign Development:

Q: I've had a business for many years, and can't seem to figure out how to get more customers to my site/store/webpage etc., what makes you think you'll have any better chance? 


A: Built From Scratch Studios prides its self on finding a stronger connection between your business and your target market, and using that connection to bridge gaps through various medias, creating promotional material such as commercials, and videos. This is done through traditional methods such as market research and sampling techniques, but also paying close attention to developing online trends, and figuring out new ways for your business to stay up to date and ahead of the curve. This is also where the power of SEO/SEM can come in handy; being able to track what drives visitors to your site is a monumental step to increasing your online presence. 


Social Media:

Q: I have a Facebook account but it doesn't seem to help, why is that? 


A: Well unfortunately there's a lot of changes continously occuring throughout all Social Media channels. Built From Scratch Studios works hard to stay up to date on all the changes so you don't have to pay attention to each one. Optimizing your social media channels to strengthen brand, and image through correlating pages and outlets is our paramount goal; with that being said sometimes the social media channel you've chosen isn't always the best, or the only one you should be utilizing BFSStudios will analyze how effective your online efforts have been and how to increase your strength. Since Social Media management isn't an overnight thing many of our packages are for several months (starting at 3-6 months) in order to track changes and test effective methods. 




Q: I want an extensive project, but I don't have an extensive budget... is there any type of trade or payment plan we can work out? 


A: Built From Scratch Studios truly knows how hard it can be sometimes... You need something that is worth a million bucks, but the bank account is currently dried up. We're open to hearing about potential trades for services, but we're also set up to make arrangements for payment plans. We ask that you're ready to at least place a deposit for services in order to begin work, this tends to be 25%-50% of the project total due prior to work beginning, from there we can work out a payment plan that is suitable to your timeline and budget. 






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